Unique, non-fungible digital assets secured on the Ethereum blockchain. These were minted in 2018 on SuperRare (before it was [un]cool!).

I've since decided to stop creating NFTs due to my concerns with supporting proof of work, my distaste for the rampant, greedy speculation and self-promotion spam, as well as the perverse incentive NFTs create towards misusing open source code for quick personal gain.

I still love the idea of cryptographically signed art tokens as a way to support artists and collect art in a peer-to-peer way. However, I don't want to fan the flames with my own art for now (espescially so long as most of this is happening on a PoW chain).

Recently I have collected a couple NFTs on Hic et Nunc from artists I like. HeN runs on the Tezos blockchain that uses the order-of-magnitudes-more-energy-efficient proof of stake. Here's my collection. Check out these great artists :)